Richard Fuchs Archive Launch 2008

On August 5th, 2008 the Governor-General of New Zealand, Hon. Anand Satyanand opened the Richard Fuchs Archive at Government House.

Click here for the Governor-General's speech      Click here for Danny Mulheron's speech

The two hundred guests included key figures from the music world.

Official Party:
Steven Sedley (Guest of Honour/Fuchs' biographer) and Judy Sedley
Denis Adam and Verna Adam (Adam Foundation)
Sonia Mulheron (Richard Fuchs' daughter) and Johnny Mulheron (Richard Fuchs' Grandson)
Sarah Te One (Richard Fuchs' Granddaughter) and Mark Te One
Michael Muheron ( Richard Fuchs' Grandson) and Deborah Howse
Danny Mulheron (Richard Fuchs' Grandson) and Sara Stretton

The occasion was celebrated with a chamber music concert performed by members of the NZSO including two songs sung by Jenny Wollerman.
The music was composed by Richard Fuchs and included:

String Quartet in E Major (Composed: October 1945 New Zealand) Premiere
Piano Quintet in D Minor (Composed: March 5th 1941) Premiere
Songs: 'Im Der Fremde'
           'Auf Den Tod Eines Kindes'

The concert was dedicated to all the European refugees who have contributed so much to Wellington’s rich and diverse art and culture

Donald Armstong - violin
Richard Mapp - Piano
Cristina Vaszilcsin - violin
Vyvyan Yendoll - viola
Brenton Veitch - cello
Jenny Wollerman - singer

The support of Denis and Verna Adam through the Adam Foundation was greatly appreciated