The Archive Aims are to preserve, publish and promote the works of Richard Fuchs



The original music scores are hand written works of art in themselves and require conservation storage. Some originals are held in the Leo Baeck Institute, New York and others in the care of the family. Copies are held in the Turnbull Library, New Zealand . An aim of the Archive is to catalogue the works and distribute them to the appropriate institutions, nationally and internationally. Preserving the original architectural and art works is also an intention of the Archive.


It is the intention to publish the music scores as well as produce bound books to distribute to academic institutions, orchestras and sell from this website. CD’s will be recorded as well as compiled from existing recordings.


The Archive will work toward the facilitation of performances and concerts nationally and internationally. A specific aim for 2009 is to organise the performance and recording of "Vom Judishen Schicksal" (The Jewish Fate) a massive prize winning orchestral and choral piece banned by the Nazis in 1937.


The documentary film "The Third Richard" has had a phenomenal response from previews and is about to be released and distributed world-wide.